What is No Pong?

No Pong is an extremely effective, All Natural Deodorant

Made from delicious, all natural ingredients, blended together to create a ridiculously effective, sweat resistant, all day deodorant that does exactly what it says on the tin!

Guaranteed to be 100% paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic free.

No Pong started in Australia, and due to the amazing support we were receiving from our Canadian customers, in April 2018 we set up a Canadian company to start manufacturing, and shipping from Canada.  One other little known fact, one of our founders, Melanie is also Canadian so with No Pong Canada, she’s bringing the love back home!

Thanks to our amazing customers, we are really getting noticed!  We’ve been featured in these titles and loads more…

How do I use No Pong?

We believe great natural products should be affordable, effective and convenient.

No Pong is simple to apply, just like a lotion or a sunscreen.  Just take a dab on your fingertip, and apply to your armpit.  Find out more on our Ingredients and Directions page

You’re just 3 easy steps away


Step 1: Buy


Step 2: Apply

Smell fresh all day!

Step 3: Smell Fresh All Day!

Still not convinced?  Check out our Facebook Reviews and Recommendations! ❤

4.8 ★
4.8 of 5 stars
2020 reviews
Jessica Taylor
6 hours ago

I have had a great experience with No Pong. It is very reasonably priced, arrived quickly. I did have an initial reaction to the bi-carb, which customer service helped me with some tips and tin of their bicarbonate free one. Following these tips and alternating...

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Ainslee Mustdash Dewet-Piper
1 day ago

Seriously a great product and amazing customer service!
My daughter and son are at their pre pubescent age and the stink they give off even after a shower and roll on deo is eye watering. First use of No Pong and they had...

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Jeanette Jifkins
2 days ago

Love the Secret Scenta; it seems to last even longer than the sensitive formula I usually buy. So glad I was introduced to NoPong.

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Lynda Greig
4 days ago

It's a fabulous product, natural ingredients and it keeps me fresh all day without putting chemicals in my body....Thank You for an amazing product, also your back up service is fantastic.

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Peta Newton
5 days ago

All I can say is THANK YOU !!!!!
For years my 22 yo son has tried everything but has smelt like dirty 3 wk old fish in an old gym bag full of dirty socks.
Today after mowing the lawn he took...

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Every tin of Canadian No Pong is proudly Made In Canada with LOVE! 🇨🇦❤️