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Born in Australia, and now also made & shipped in Canada with love ❤

What is “pong”?

  1. Australian/British slang for a very strong, unpleasant smell, “that pile of dirty clothes has a powerful pong

We’re straight shooters, and designed No Pong to do exactly what it says on the tin!



Designed in Australia. Made and Shipped in Canada!

  • A ridiculously effective, super-natural, bicarb based deodorant
  • Keeps you fresh for up to 12 hours, and is completely aluminum, triclosan, and paraben free
  • 35 delicious grams equals a month of armpit odour free living for everyone around you
  • FREE SHIPPING!  Freshness could not be easier

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What is this amazing No Pong?!!

  • A specially blended patent-pending formula for people sensitive to baking soda and fragrances.
  • We wouldn’t release a product unless it did what it says on the tin, and we love this one!
  • 35 grams of goodness, low fragrance, gentle on skin AND still ridiculously effective!
  • SHIPS FOR FREE!  No minimums, no fuss!

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FREE SHIPPING up to 12 items Canada Wide.  No minimum order quantities.

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4.9 ★
4.9 of 5 stars
1805 reviews
Anita Cummings
1 day ago

I went straight for the bicarbonate free deodorant after the last time I used a natural deodorant with bicarb I got a rash. The bicarb free no pong works exceptionally well considering how much I have struggled to find a deodorant that stops me sweating...

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Matthew Isokangas
1 day ago

‘No Pong’ has literally changed my life! Don’t let the detox phase fool you, the first two weeks were rough 🥴 Then suddenly, no more BO! My clothes are also much better for it too. No more pit stains! It’s definitely a confidence...

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Chez Walker
2 days ago

Awesome product!
It’s comforting to know there’s a product with no nasties that does such a great job, just ordered my second lot 🙂 Thankyou!

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Johanne McCullough
3 days ago

My daughter loves it! Finally, something that truly works for her.

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Heidi Mc G
3 days ago

Lives up to the hype! Fantastic product and it absolutely works for me.

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Kerry Fish
4 days ago

It’s Aluminium free and smells great ! You only need a small amount to stay smelling sweet ! Compact and reusable tin ❤️ Only negative is that it does leave a white mark on dark coloured clothing ( it will wash out though 👍🏻😊 )

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Amber Davis
4 days ago

Never really been happy with any deos until I finally tried No Pong! Highly recommended by this sweat monster... Bring on Summer!!

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Jazzy Vinci
4 days ago


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Kristy Mitchell
4 days ago

I am a very busy / active person and No Pong literally lasts all day very rarely do i have to apply a second lot. I now get it monthly. Love it.

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