All Natural Deodorant,
Extremely Effective!

We designed our No Pong range of natural deodorants to be ridiculously effective and affordable. No “natural tax” here! For less than the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, you can eliminate B.O. for an entire month!

Good for you AND the planet!

Why Natural Deodorant?

We believe it’s important to be aware of what we put on – and in – our bodies. When designing No Pong, we wanted to ensure it was extremely effective and it was also very important to us that we felt completely comfortable with all of its ingredients.

I’ve tried natural deodorants and they haven’t worked

It sounds like you may not have tried No Pong! Just because our ingredients are all-natural, does not mean they are not effective.

No Pong creates a pH environment that smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive in and stays in place with a water-resistant layer that doesn’t wash off when you sweat. In addition to our thousands of reviews, No Pong is independently clinically proven to eliminate odour for up to 24hrs and our B.O. Free Guarantee means you have a risk-free way of trying it out!

How do you apply it?

No Pong is a cream. We’ve designed it to have a silky smooth texture that’s stable across a wide range of temperatures, so it feels consistent year-round. It’s super easy to apply. Just take a pea-sized amount, and apply to each armpit!

I’m used to using a stick or applicator

No Pong and all of our packaging is completely plastic-free and does not come in stick form, or with an applicator. Hair is no problem and it rubs in clear.

We also firmly believe it’s important to be in touch with our bodies, and as outdoorsy people using creams and lotions has always come very naturally to us. We’ve also had a number of people over the years contact us to let us know that because No Pong is applied by hand, they’ve detected lumps early that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. Feedback like this is massively humbling and tells us we’re on the right track!

So, how do I get in on this goodness?!

In the last seven years, we have kept over 3.5 million plastic deodorants off the streets, out of our landfills and away from our oceans, and built up a customer base of over 250,000 brilliant revolutionaries. Customer Love is our number one value, and we appreciate and LOVE every single one of you! So give us a try and find out what it’s all about!

Keep yourself fresh the all-natural way and explore our range of natural deodorants today!