Why do armpits smell?  Most people would think it’s something to do with sweat, and they’d be partly right.

Armpit smell, or “pong” comes from bacteria feeding on sweat, but not just any sweat.  There are actually two types of glands that produce sweat on humans;

– Eccrine Glands – these are regular sweat glands all over the body that produce a sterile, mainly salty solution.

– Apocrine glands – these glands are found in the breasts, eyelids, ears, and hairy areas like your groin and armpits.  These glands produce a milky fluid that most commonly occurs when you’re under stress.

Both types of sweat are odourless, and the odour is only created by bacteria feeding on sweat.  But as you now know, not all sweat is not equal.

Regular eccrine sweat is very salty, which makes it hard for bacteria to feed on and thrive.

Apocrine sweat however is high in proteins and a veritable smorgasbord for smelly armpit bacteria, who thrive on the milky sweat produced by these glands.

Most regular deodorants use harsh antibacterial chemicals like triclosan, or parabens to attempt to manage the amount of bacteria in your sensitive areas.  Also often included in antiperspirants are potentially harmful chemicals derived from aluminium, whose role is to block sweat glands and reduce that amount of tasty-to-bacteria sweat.

No Pong works in a similar way, but using all natural ingredients much more effectively.  It creates an environment in your armpits that smelly bacteria hate, using:

1) Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda is a salt which keeps armpit bacteria in check.  However it’s water soluble and would just wash away at the first moment of stress.

2) A combination of Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Corn Starch locks in sodium bicarbonate exactly where you put it, providing a breathable, all day layer of protection.  And in the event of the inevitable, and completely natural release of sweat from these glands, it doesn’t simply wash off and stain your clothes like regular deodorants can.  Instead it stays in place, eliminating bacteria all day long.

3) Because regular deodorants wash off at the first hint of sweat, we’ve found No Pong to be far more effective than any of the traditional deodorants widely available.  More effective in a wider range of gruelling and stressful situations = all day confidence.

In fact, we’ve tested it in the tropics, in 30C+ degree days and managed to wear the same shirt for 3 days straight without a hint of body odour or PONG!  Try that with your over the counter deodorant.

No Pong is an all natural, extremely effective anti-odourant.  Why use potentially harmful chemicals on sensitive areas of skin when you no longer need to?

Give No Pong a try and let us know what you think.