For a country that embraces diversity like a warm hug and breeds innovation across every corner – why should our deodorant be anything less? We Canadians just so happen to be some smart cookies who love to adventure, and we need a deodorant that can keep up.

Say a friendly hello or bonjour to natural deodorant!

Whether you’re in the heart of the city or kilometres from the closest store, you should have access to a great natural deodorant that works for you.

Let’s define what we mean by “natural deodorant.” Natural deodorants are made with plant-based or mineral-based ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals. They’re typically free from aluminum, parabens, and other questionable ingredients.

Now, let’s explore all you need to know about them!

What is “Pong”?

The Aussies love a good slang word, and “pong” is a pretty common one for them. Essentially, pong is any sort of bad odour.

If you were to hear someone say, “what’s that pong?” – you’d know there’s something smelly in the air.

So, No Pong means no odour. Which is exactly what you want from your favourite deodorant.

“Pong” – What Causes It?

It’s a pretty common misconception that our sweat is smelly or dirty. So, what causes body odour?

Research has shown that we have different types of bacteria that live in our underarms. They feed on some of the chemicals (odourless) released within our sweat, which then creates a smell that we know as B.O.

What’s the Difference Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant?

Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants are both products that reduce odour and keep you oh-so-fresh. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Traditional deodorants mask or neutralize odour. Some use fragrance to cover any B.O. and others use various chemicals to neutralize odour-causing bacteria.

Natural deodorants like No Pong combat odour by creating an environment that smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive in. Our water-resistant formula means that your deodorant stays on and keeps you fresh for longer. As an oil-based product, it won’t wash off from sweat or submerging in water (swimming).

Antiperspirants work by masking odour and blocking your sweat glands with aluminum-based ingredients.

Types of Natural Deodorant

Perhaps you’ve tried them all, or maybe you’ve never gone down the au naturel (deodorant) path. There are a few different types of natural deodorants, each with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s take a look!

Crystal Stick Deodorant

Crystal sticks are dipped in water and then applied directly to your underarms. They usually come in plastic packaging with a screw-top lid. Being a water-based product, sweat and water can wash the product off pretty easily. Which means you may not be B.O.-free for long.


Roll-ons have a handy packaging design with a liquid formula. However, they’re made from plastic (packaging), and the formula is usually water-based. Just like crystal sticks, the first sign of sweat or contact with water could mean you’re no longer covered. Roll-ons are also known to leak on occasion, especially if left in high temperatures, like in a car or in direct sunlight.

Oil-Based Stick Deodorants

They provide good, long-lasting coverage due to being oil-based. However, a lot of them have plastic packaging that can be difficult to recycle. It can also be difficult to get good, even coverage, with a stick applicator.

Cream and Paste Deodorants

They’re usually applied by your fingers, or some prefer to use an applicator. Personally, we think it’s great to stay in touch with your body and do regular lump checks while you apply. This also allows you to get even coverage and rub the product in well. Some creams and pastes come in recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, like No Pong. 

Does Natural Deodorant Work?

In short, yes, it does!

Natural deodorants like No Pong harness the powers of their super-effective natural ingredients to stop odour-causing bacteria at the source. When you apply No Pong to your underarms, it creates an environment that bacteria struggle to survive in. 

However, it doesn’t stop you from sweating. This means you can rest assured that you’ll smell great all day long while allowing your underarms to continue their natural function (without the B.O.).

Due to being oil-based, No Pong doesn’t come off when you sweat or go swimming. So, you’ll still be protected from B.O. throughout the day. Then, just give your armpits a wash with some soap in the shower to remove your deodorant.

How Do Natural Deodorants & Traditional Deodorants Differ?

While natural deodorants are made from all-natural ingredients, traditional deodorants are a bit different.

Typically, traditional deodorants fight odour by using various ingredients, including parabens, with synthetic fragrances to mask odour. 

Most traditional deodorants come in plastic packaging that’s difficult to recycle­–if it can be recycled at all. Whereas many natural deodorants come in reusable, recyclable and plastic-free packaging (AKA No Pong). That’s a win for you AND the environment!

Finding the Right Natural Deodorant Formula for You

From Summer’s heat to Winter’s frost, you need a deodorant that has your back through it all. Not to mention the sensitive pits of the world that need a gentle yet highly effective option.

That’s why we have a range of No Pong formulas to suit everyone, and we mean everyone. Whether your underarms are bare, full of hair or need some sensitive care, there’s a No Pong for you.

Sometimes the first formula or scent you try won’t be for you, and that’s okay. That’s why we’re here to help you find the right one!

If you don’t usually experience any skin sensitivities, we recommend trying our No Pong Original Formula and choosing from our two amazing scents.

However, if you typically experience skin sensitivity, especially in your underarms, we highly recommend trying our sensitive Low Bicarb or Fragrance Free Vegan formulas.

If you’re still unsure which one you should try, get in touch with our friendly Customer Love team or check out our full range.

Tips for Applying Natural Deodorant

It’s pretty straightforward, but here are a few things we recommend when it comes to applying No Pong.

  • Ensure you only apply a pea-sized amount to each underarm
  • Rub it in well; it should be clear and not white.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes after showering or shaving before applying natural deodorant to avoid sensitivity.
  • Wait a couple of minutes after application before putting on a shirt or tight clothing.
  • All you need is your fingers, go straight in and apply directly to your underarm.

Some Things We’re Frequently Asked…

Why isn’t my natural deodorant working?

There could be a few reasons why it may not be working. The most common reasons are-

  • You’ve applied too much (you only a pea-sized amount for each armpit)
  • You haven’t applied enough
  • You haven’t rubbed it in properly

It’s important that you’re applying the right amount and rubbing it in well (it should be clear, not white) so that your skin absorbs it properly and the whole area is covered.

Is No Pong breastfeeding and pregnancy safe?

Yes, and yes! It’s all-natural and good-things-only inside your favourite little tin. So, it’s safe to wear before and after bub arrives.

Is Natural Deodorant safe for kids?

We only test on consenting adults. However, we do have a number of customers that purchase for their teens and preteens that love using No Pong.

We encourage you to do your own research into what you feel comfortable purchasing for your kids. Go check out our full ingredients list here.

Is No Pong for everyone?

Absolutely! Our natural deodorants are for all genders, and we have a formula for every kind of underarm. If you were wondering, yes, it does work on hairy armpits!

Do I need to detox my armpits before using natural deodorant for the first time?

It’s a common misconception that we’ve seen mentioned here and there, but we haven’t seen the need for this.

Our kidneys and liver do all of our detoxing, so a detox mask isn’t required here.

You can also expect some additional sweating when switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. As the antiperspirant is no longer plugging the pores, your armpits are adjusting to sweating freely. However, you can expect your sweat to balance back out within a couple of weeks.

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions that we didn’t cover in this blog or want some help choosing the right No Pong for you, please get in touch with us. Our Customer Love team can answer all of your questions and give you a helping hand where you need it!

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